Monday, March 2, 2009

Halfway there!

OK. So here's the deal...this is going to be brief...turns out...I left my charger at the "chemo lounge" and I'm running on 3% battery power! The session went super smooth, and I feel just as great as I did this morning before I left the house! Martha met me there halfway through and followed me home. We even had a glass of wine over lunch!

Tomorrow I go in for the Nulasta shot. Hopefully it won't be any more of a bother that it was last time.

Saturday night all of my hair fell out. The faux-hawk is gone! booo! Now, I'm thinking I might have a future in Blue Man Group. Whadya think?

More tomorrow...after I retrieve my charger!!! ;)
love love love


  1. The Blue Man Group should be so lucky!!

    XOXO - Jill

  2. hey sis,you still look great!glad your spirits are still high.the blue man group might be to intimidated to take you,but it would be thier loss.still freezing at arts.ill call you end of ya!